Event Formats and Interpreting

Conference interpreting is the oral translation of the spoken word into another language in a specialist context. It is communication by experts for experts, facilitated by interpreters.
We select professional interpreters with good industry knowledge for you. Once they have been hired, the interpreters will familiarise themselves with your subject and then translate for you.

When you contact us, please tell us as much as possible about your event: What type of event are you planning? Do you have a specific goal? What industry do you and the participants come from?
Read about the most common formats and which type of interpreting we recommend on this page:

Was ist eigentlich Fachdolmetschen?​


Is it a conference or a symposium? Experts from countries such as Germany, the UK and France – but also from the USA and China – meet here to network, listen to lectures and presentations and discuss in workshops.
Examples from our wealth of experience include interpreting at conferences on Disability Arts; Heavy Metal and the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma.
These events include simultaneous interpreting with a booth.

Business Meetings

Are you planning a works meeting or a supervisory board meeting for your international company? Critical for a successful interpretation here is knowledge of the Works Constitution Act, but also of the industry, e.g. fashion retail or CVIT. Depending on the size and duration of the meeting, we can provide simultaneous interpreting with tourguide equipment or simultaneous interpreting with a booth. Here you can read about the different modes of interpreting.

Press Events

Is your international company planning a press conference, an earnings call or a product launch, or are you working for a PR agency and organising this event? Then we definitely recommend simultaneous interpreting with a booth. If the press conference lasts less than two hours, book our package for short assignments. As conference interpreters, we naturally draw on our extensive financial expertise. We have also lent our voices to notebook manufacturers as well as companies from the agrochemical and energy sectors.


You as an English-speaking trainer are hired for a training in Germany? To ensure that all participants are able to follow along, we recommend using either simultaneous interpreting with tourguide equipment or consecutive interpreting. We offer translations of training courses in the following areas: sales, products and software. Our interpreters facilitated training in areas such as wood-based materials, medical devices such as catheters, insulin pumps and defibrillators, as well as drawing techniques for pool builders.


Interviews are conducted with employees for audits, annual employee appraisals, or simply to get to know people in key positions after a takeover? Not everyone speaks English very well. We are happy to provide consecutive interpreting for you. Our experience ranges from business audits to occupational health and safety and compliance.

Award Ceremonies

Jury statements, laudatory speeches, laureate speeches – there is a lot at stake at an international awards ceremony. Work with experienced interpreters who can provide elegant and festive simultaneous interpreting of everything from literary criticism to supply chain management. Talk to us about our evening event package.

Expert Panels

Panel discussions, roundtable discussions and expert panels are a quick exchange of ideas between the panellists. Our interpreters simultaneously interpret several speakers from the interpreting booth or on Zoom. Our experience is as diverse as your panel. We have covered topics such as modern asset classes without greenwashing, upheavals in academic publishing and inclusion at universities.

Guided Tours

As part of their commercial meeting, employees travelled from France, Poland and Ireland to get a better overview of the German production facilities. We interpreted these tours simultaneously or consecutively, helping share experiences. Our interpreters also have years of experience in accompanying inspections. Questions and answers are interpreted consecutively with the utmost precision.

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If you have not found the type of event you are looking for or if you are not sure whether we cover your sector, please give us a call or write to us.