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We are happy to share our expertise on what makes a first class interpreter and/or translator. Our teams provide top notch language services for your organisation or business. From conferences and meetings to training sessions and negotiations, we make it all easy and communication fluent. Here you can learn more about the services we offer.



We will thoroughly consult you on teams of high-class interpreters and the necessary technical equipment! Our interpreters interpret at your conferences and meetings; we enable tours, training sessions and negotiations. Find out more about our interpreting services.

Remote interpreting

video conference

Are you looking for simultanous interpreters for a remote setting such as a video conference? We offer you the best people and advice on technical solutions and share some expertise on how we can turn your remote event into a pleasant listening experience.


translator at work

Do you need a report or a presentation to be translated? Learn more about our B2B translation services. This post answers questions such as: How do our translators work? What makes our processes unique? What are our fields of expertise and languages we offer?


In this post you can learn about our quotes for interpreting and translation services. We explain how we set our prices and we have some special bundles waitng for you. Moreover, we answer the most common questions about interpreting and prices.


Managing Director & passionate interpreter

Since 2008 Kagon Kommunikation has been organising interpreter teams for German, English, Spanish and French. Barbara Kagon recruits the best conference interpreters for her network that stretches from northern to southern Germany. Click here to find more information about the company, terms and why you should work with us.